Meet our CTO – Pieter VanIperen


Pieter Van Iperen, CTO – Boon VR, got candid about developing VR applications in the Technically Speaking series held at Warby Parker HQ in NYC.

About Pieter: Pieter VanIperen is the CTO of BoonVR, a company developing on the cutting edge of VR technology. Pieter is a technologist, coder, architect, entrepreneur, mentor and adviser. More specifically, he is a 15-year software engineering veteran, a co-founder of multiple tech startups, a software security consultant and adjunct professor at NYU, author of the HAZL(jADE) programming language and technology architect and consultant to many industries. He provides vision and leadership to help develop process, methods, and technology that are at the forefront of innovation.

About Boon (an engineer’s overview):¬†Boon is architecting and developing a first to market enterprise LMS VR system, utilizing and contributing to WebVR / AFrame, with focus in Medical and Industrial applications. Training provided by Boon’s systems will bring lifesaving and state of the art medical training to the far reaches of the world, and bring a robust education experience into user headsets.

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